Our Flavors

We manufacture our award-winning mix concentrates right here at our plant in the Texas Hill Country. Our twenty five liquid concentrates come packed 6-half gallons per case. Most all our mixes are naturally flavored including margarita, strawberry, raspberry, pina colada, painkiller, POGO and others. All flavors are perfectly formulated to make mouthwatering frozen drinks in any frozen margarita machine or granita machine. Each half gallon margarita concentrate makes about 5-gallons of frozen drinks. In all our mixes, adding alcohol is optional.

NOW AVAILABLE: Margarita Man Margarita Mix concentrate made with Imperial Brand Pure Cane Sugar.  Ask your Margarita Man or purchase a bottle or a case on our Store.

You can try a variety of our mixes with our 4-ounce “Blenderful” sample size concentrates. They come packed 24 4-ounce bottles per case. Mixed cases are welcomed and usually ship the same day. Visit our Store to place your order today.

For the purest who demands real fruit flavor from Mother Nature, we now offer our all-natural Healthee Slushee brand of freeze-dried powder mixes made with 100% real fruit and sweetened with pure cane sugar. Flavors available are margarita, strawberry and pina colada. Healthee Slushee freeze-dried mixes are available for purchase on our online Store.

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You can see all of our flavors below. Hover your cursor over each flavor to see its description.

Margarita Man concentrates come packed six 1/2 Gals per case and each case weighs 35.7 pounds.

Learn why Margarita Man is the Favorite Margarita Provider in America.